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What is the price for subs?

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Inactive 18 Aug 2009

In oklahoma the avg. price is $7-$8 per pill. (I'm prescribed two 8mg a day. Thats 60/mo @ 7bux ea. plus tax equals about $450 plus the required couneling fee's. Mine are $60 an hour. Two a month required. Totalling $570! Don't go through a phsyciatrist..they charge too much. Go through a private clinic that are physician owned&run with counselors onsite.
I am researching a few programs right now and I'll let you know what I find. I cant afford this sh... t any more! It ticks me off that it costs so much to stay clean! I was told the manufacturer of suboxone is doing a script assistence program for people w/o insurance? Looking into it. Also local churches are a good place to start.

Inactive 18 Aug 2009

I am in LA (that is a little joke, actually Lower Alabama) and I use CVS. The price is between $7 and $8 but, they are super nice at CVS about filling partial RX's. Last weekend they let me get 2 of them and were totally nice. Don't be afraid to ask for a partial fill. Hope that helps you. free discount card

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