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What is the price difference between roxicodone 15's and oxycodone 10's without insurance?

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Inactive 10 Nov 2011

Call around to different pharmacies. CVS has a pogram for generics for a $15 once a year fee they will process certain genenerics for $11.99, I have a list & do not see your scripte on there, but just call every pharmacy in your arear & check out their prices is the best I can tell you. WalMart has $4 genereics but don't know what is listed. Hope this helps. There are patient assitant programs if you know the maker I have 800 #s for a lot of them if you would let me know about the makers name...

DzooBaby 10 Nov 2011

Call around to pharmacies and ask them. They will tell you. You need the name of the drug, the strength and quantity and they will give you a price. I used to do this a lot when I had to pay out of pocket for my meds. Call around to a few different pharmacies until you find the cheapest price. free discount card

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