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What is the pill L413 white and oblong/oval?

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Inactive 6 Dec 2010

Hello xoxoxoxo,

This tablet contains 800mgs of Guaifenesin and 80mgs of Phenylephrine, it is an over the counter product used to treat cold symptoms.

Take care,

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christineATU 6 Dec 2010

Hi stranger!! I've missed you so much. Happy to see you posting again. :-))

Inactive 6 Dec 2010

ME 2 !!! OLO Mister maso !!!


christineATU 6 Dec 2010

Must be that purple hair, what say you SL?

Inactive 6 Dec 2010

Oh yeah chrissy,
The purple hair, those classy wayfairer sunglasses, and so much else!!!

Inactive 6 Dec 2010

Hello my Chris and L, I hope you guys are doing great... had to take a break!!!


Inactive 6 Dec 2010

Hope you had a nice holiday buddy !!

xoxoxoxo 6 Dec 2010

Thank you for the reply and identification Maso :)

christineATU 6 Dec 2010

Break? Oh no my friend, no breaks around here. On second thought... Oh,. SL? Where are you taking me for a vacation? Somewhere warm! Bermuda? Hawaii? Anywhere but here in Chi-Town. The snow is deep and the temp just took a nose dive!

Inactive 6 Dec 2010

We already planned out Thelma and Louise road trip to N.O.
Remember girl?

Sacosam 6 Dec 2010

maso-chris -sweetL... you guys are all nuts :) but i'm glad you are. I had a bad night last night, took my meds upside down , backwards , or something I guess. D.D.C. frowns a bit on this sort of clowning around, but this is actually therapy of the best kind for early morning depression.No pill could have done for me what you guys did. Where 4 cups of coffee & half a "Monster" (drink) fail... humor & laughs never fail. Thanks guys, Saco.

Inactive 6 Dec 2010

I tried to comment on what you said once, yet the GD sign in thingy popped up yet again... arghhhhhhhhhhh.
Laughter is the best medicine indeed!!! I do it all day long my friend, and tis good for the soul.
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