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What is the normal adult dose of methylin?

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Rajive Goel 23 Aug 2010

Methylin (methylphenidate hydrochloride). The recommended daily dosage for adults is 20 mg to 30 mg, taken in two or three doses. If needed, the doc may slowly increase the daily dose up to 60 mg.

debsenior 23 Aug 2010

thank you. When you say up to 60mg, do you mean total of 60mg, or 60mg twice a day for a total of 120mg. If you took 30mg in 3 doses it would be 90mg per day. Thanks for clarification.

tracichalon 2 Oct 2010

when you first start taking methylin how long does it take to start feeling the effects. i took it for the first time today and i dont feel any diffrent yet? does it take a few doses?

adh2g 10 Sep 2011

This would be up to three daily doses of 20mg each dosage for a total of 60mg per day. It is good to know how it will effect you and increase doses gradually as your body will adjust/tolerate a certain amount almost immediately and the first dosage increase or decrease is usually soon after taking the medication

adh2g 10 Sep 2011

I felt the effects of the Methylin/Ritalyn immediately. I was originally being prescribed the medication to combat a form of narcolepsy I had developed - yet the first 3-4 days I took the medication, I felt so much more calm and worried so much less that I actually slept much of those first few days! This did not bode well for the medication being prescribed to help keep me awake. I also noticed that when I took the medication (after I increased the dosage and the sleepiness was less) I was finally able to concentrate through a medication induced haze and issues of narcolepsy {it can be an awful cycle taking more and more medication to offset the side effects of other medication - but sadly, I would have no quality of life without the pain medications I am on; and until recently attempting to return to graduate school - did not know that the pain medications would make me fall asleep while reading, etc. free discount card

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