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What is the next best medicine to Adderall? Last 2x I have tried to fill a script, its on backorder?

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Danni926 31 Oct 2011

Hi Mom2Bgr&Hjc... this is Danielle... u don't say if you are taking IR or XR... I was taking IR generic, and when the shortage hit my area in Delaware, I was only able to get a generic that I wasn't able to tolerate and stopped using after 2 days... I asked my doctor for Adderall XR instead, since after calling many pharmacies, close to 20, I found that not all of them were out of XR, even though nobody had IR, other than the CorePharma generic brand, which I think is the absolute WORST... everyone is different, but anyway, I recommend Adderall XR as a substitute for the IR... call your pharmacies first to make sure they carry it... I take the Shire brand name, I have not tried the generic and probably never will since I am able to get brand name.

While I definitely prefer the Sandoz IR I was taking before, the Adderall XR is a good substitute for now... I have also read some excellent user reviews on Vyvanse, which you may want to read about and see if this is something you might want to try, and there is no shortage of it...

Good luck and let me know how u make out!

Inactive 2 Nov 2011

Hi Danni, My wife takes adderall for a while now. We live in Austin Tx There is none to be found here. We tried all the pharmacies, we found 1 pharmacy that had only XR . There is a nation wide shortage of many drugs not just Adderall. We had to pay almost double the price for 60 Adderall XR. Yesterday Pres. Obama signed some sort of emergency drug act. I don't know all the details. Hope it gets better free discount card

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