Ok here goes... I have never been able to take morphine or lortab without extreme nausea. I normally ask for an antiemetic to go along with the narcotic if I "NEED" to have that kind of pain medicine. about 3 or 4 years ago, I had a really bad cough keeping me up all night. So my doctor prescribes some kind of narcotic anti-tussin and said it has Vicodin in it, and that it should work really well. I didn't know what vicodin was and was so sick I forgot to ask if it would make me nauseated. So I took it as prescribed and it did not make me nauseated, at all. It did work great on my cough. OK, now..about 3 months ago I went with my husband to the doctor and he had a bad cough, our doctor said "Well they stopped making what I think was the best ever cough medicine and this is the closest thing they have to it now." when we got it I noticed it said With Hydrocodone, but I can't remember the name of either med. Its a shot in the dark, I know, but does anyone know of any narcotic anti-tussin that has been changed or discontinued, in the past couple of years? The real question is can I take Vicodin and not be sick, if I can't take Lortab or morphine?