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What is the name of oxycodone with ibuprofen?

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Inactive 25 Jul 2010

They do not make such a thing. At least i know that they dont in the US, cause i just went to my docs three days ago and asked if i could have oxycodone with ibuprofen rather than APAP because tylenol gives me an upset stomach, and he said there is no such thing. I ended up getting straight oxy, which isnt really a big deal, since they make them as small as 5 and 10mg tabs, which are the ammounts in percocet. (well there is a 7.5mg percocet, but point is youd just get oxy alone if you wanted it without the tylenol)

Inactive 25 Jul 2010

I actually just looked on this site to be sure, and turns out im wrong (as was my doctor). There is something and its called Combunox. Ive never heard of it. Maybe its not made in the US?

IhearttheOcean 26 Jul 2010

Ive seen Percodan before which I believe has Aspirin in it but Ive never seen any with Ibuprofin free discount card

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