I have over the course of my life..I am 48 now..been treated for depression and anxiety.My problems started at age 26 with very bad panic attacks.I have always been a bit of a depressive personality.The fear from the panic attacks became crippling.I was prescrbed xanax at first(then a new drug).That worked great at first.The problem was the addictive nature of the drug.I was taking tofrinil and xanax(2 mg 3 times daily) for many years.The problem was I got addicted to the xanax... and later klonopin(2 mg 3 times daily).after drug rehab for the klonopin(I have been clean and sober for 3 years now).Now I am fighting the depression and aniety again without the benzos.Only problem is I have tried welbutrin xr,celexa,venlafaxine cr,buspar and lexapro,without any relief from the problem.The depression will lift and get replaced with agitation and irritation with each drug I have tried.I am about at my wits end!!Nothing seems to do both lift the depression and calm my anxiety.I have just discontinued the last in this list..lexapro..with less than acceptable results.I was really hopeful that the lexapro would be the one.Wrong!.It was one of the worst of te whole group.Sexual side effects,agitation,and headaches were all intolerable.Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.