I have had 7strokes and a mild heartattack,I am a 45yr old female,I smoke and drink and occasionally some street drugs with my subscribed medications(daily:60mg-Adderal,4-Perkocet10-650,3-10mg ativan,thiroid medication,blood thinner,zantac,muscle relaxer..there are more but not of importance)my question is,I abuse my narcotics and drink daily,sometimes heavily,I have bi-polar disorder and really want help..I want to know what I could use to help me replace the streetdrugs,alcohol,keep me from abusing my needed medication without withdraws or side effects. I am well aware of my physical/mental handicaps caused by the multiple strokes and past drug abuse which is why I am seeking any help or advice on what would work best in my condition/situation. *Thank You for your help and God bless!!! *