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What is the most alarming disease in this universe now a days?

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Inactive 20 Dec 2010

I think it would be AIDS, check stats in Africa.

oxyaaron 20 Dec 2010

have you forgotten about the disease of addiction?

Inactive 21 Dec 2010

LOL buddy, yes actually and since I have that disease you would think I'd remember it!!! But I do think AIDS would be worse than addiction, since one can abstain from ones drug of choice.

oxyaaron 20 Dec 2010

tis called the disease of addiction.

Inactive 21 Dec 2010

Hello najamkhan,

I do not know if these are the most alarming diseases in the universe, but are very serious and are affecting the world´s population as we speak.

I agree both with sweetlemon and Aaron... Aids and addiction are aslo very serious.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Lupus. on the links below to learn more about these terrible diseases:

I hope I have been of help to you.

Take care.

booter46 21 Dec 2010

Great input Andres. As always.

Sacosam 22 Dec 2010

As is usually the case, when I spend 2 or more hrs. composing a story... this one being about Klingons and the worst disease in the universe... someone always tends to call me which for some reason tends to cancel out all my writings, a game which I don't choose to play. That being said... and in short, the worst disease in the UNIVERSE... not planet Earth , is the disease of the Klingons... IS HATE ! ! ! Sacosam

christineATU 22 Dec 2010

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