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What is the most abused prescribed medication?

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Inactive 26 Sep 2010

I would say OxyContin, or any opiate based pain medication.

subzero58 27 Sep 2010

XANAX, has been abused for as many years as it has been made.1978-80 before that it was valium.benzo's have been abused for as long as they been around. i think the first was ativan.but a famous song by the rolling stones brought valium into the light 19th nervous breakdown.a line about "mothers little helpers". Opiates like oc,morphine,methadone,you name it just have worse side effects and are in the lime light. as far as opiates go i would say percs are the most abused. people would be suprised if they knew how many doctors just give their patients diet pills without ever going to a long as docs say they are on diet.mine was selling them like a drug dealer.if you didn't have the money,no pills.
this whole medical and drug industry in our country needs to be regulated.the big pharmaceutical companies make more money than most people could even imagine.more than oil companies or the auto industry.they have so much money that they can lobby for any kind of government official and make policy.they are untouchably.the money they give in lawsutes is a drop in the bucket.

subzero58 27 Sep 2010

sorry family,i got a little carried away.who knows,maybe i need a xanax... lol

christineATU 27 Sep 2010

12:30AM, I think me too Pete! free discount card

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