I have been taking Asacol for 3 months, 3 pills a day. Before that I took sulfasalizine for 4 months, and changed to Asacol because the other drug had changed my sense of taste drastically. I saw the Dr. today for a checkup, I have had no flares of any type, & recent blood work was fine. He said a scant amount of blood showed up today, but I have had no visible signs of bleeding, & feel great compared to last April. He told me that the Rx label was wrong, that I should take 6 pills per day. He said 3 pills a day would have no affect in controlling my colitis. I feel that I am doing fine with 3 pills & the colitis is under control. Should I seek a second opinion about the dosage or talk to a pharmacist? Many doctors think they know everything there is about drugs when in reality they don't. I think he is misinformed about the different dosages and that this is the proper dose for maintenance.