I am taking 200mg per day. Also taking Welbutrin SA 300mg. Also taking Ativan 2mg, 3 times a day.

I probably wouldn't be as depressed if I didn't hate my job, and had a social life. But for the past seven years they both have been a problem. Have joined and volunteered many groups. Can't seem to make a fit. Job is very stressful, cut backs on labor, but no increase in work force.

I live alone, except for my pets. I would like to retire, get a room mate, work at a part time job, find a place to live that will accept pets, as in 3 cats.

My family is not close. I do not believe in organized religion. I do take day trips and do things on my own, but lately have been feeling very overwhelmed and sad. Crying a lot.

The most meaningful job for me would be to work for a non profit low cost spay and neuter clinic in any position, cleaning, after care etc.

Acupunture helps, as does massage. But what do you do about lonely?