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What is the maximum daily dose of 200mg advil?

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Rajive Goel 24 Jun 2011

The recommended non-prescription dose for most people over 12 years of age is Motrin 200 mg by mouth every four to six hours as needed to reduce pain or fever. If one tablet or caplet does not work, then two may be used. However, the daily non-prescription dose of Motrin should not exceed 1200 mg (six tablets or caplets), unless directed by your doctor.

caringsonbj 24 Jun 2011

Rajive is right I caught a fall and was placed on the prescription dose which comes in 400mg and in 600mg and 800mg, I was given the 800mg every 6 hours with the prescription the most that can be taken is 3200mg. but must come from the doctor. I think it's easier (or it was for me) to be on the lower dose. take good care

Rajive Goel 24 Jun 2011

Thanks, its been long since seen/read posts from you, are you well?

caringsonbj 24 Jun 2011

I am not finished with treatment yet, I am improving and I am trying my best to get back, I will have to have some surgery before summer is over

Rajive Goel 24 Jun 2011


Great, do look after yourself, take care & be in touch, please.

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