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What is the maximum daily dose for topamax?

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Elizabetta 16 Jan 2010

I'm on 400 mg a day for anti-seizures for hemiplegic migraines (which can cause seizures leading to permanent comas) caused by my panic disorder. My doc said that is the highest daily dose she could put me on safely with my other panic disorder drugs (clonazepam [tranquilizer 3x/day, antidepressant 50mg/day, & clonidine 2x/day to make me "forget repetitive nightmares from post-traumatic stress syndrome).

The 400 mg is, fortunately, working for me because I was having up to 17 seizures a month, all making me go into comas of varying lengths of time, any of which could have been permanent.

I don't know what an "ultimate" maximum daily dose for topamax would be, but I know that I wouldn't want to be on any higher a dosage than this.

Do an internet search for Topamax, side effects, suggested dosage, (your ailment, since it's prescribed for multiple things), and find the PDRs website which will list maximum dosages for each ailment, contraindications, etc. (PDR=Physician's Desk Reference, which the docs use).

Also be sure to check any POST MARKETING sites put up by the FDA since they list the information they have received from patients actually taking the medicines after the medications were approved and after the patients have been on them for several years.

Often, the most valuable information is found on the POST MARKETING sites since the pharmaceutical companies no longer have control over the information that gets posted there -- the FDA does -- and cannot hide, alter, or manipulate data as they may have done in order to get the drugs passed by the FDA in the first place.

Always be your own advocate first.

Always research any drug POST MARKETING, FDA sites first BEFORE taking them, whether or not your doc has prescribed them. Docs are not always current on research, or drug effects, and, unfortunately, are often unduly influenced by the drug companies themselves (as is congress and our Pres., though he promised not to be).

Protect yourself. Do your research. Docs are not God. They are not up-to-date, sad to say. My doc, a teaching psychiatrist, no less, prescribed me a drug that the FDA had recalled only a month earlier (and she didn't even know) because over a million people had died from heart attacks, and over 30,000 had committed suicide IN THE PREVIOUS YEAR.

Do the research. YOU find out what the maximum dosage is for you illness, the possible side effects POST MARKETING, and then decide if you think it's the drug that YOU want to risk taking.

Healing thoughts, and good luck,
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