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What is the maximum daily dosage for opana instant release?

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Inactive 22 Sep 2010

Generally any intant release lasts up to 4 hours so if you woke up at 6:00am and didnt go to bed till 10:00 it would be four doses a day that would be considered max cause no one really stays up later than 2:00am which would be about 5 max a day.

bnagoh 22 Sep 2010

Well that also depends on the tolerance of the person taking the drug and if you are just talking about the number of times per day versus dosage well that can be up to the Dr & patient and of course the patients condition. I am taking opana been on it for a couple of months before I had been taking hydro at first then oxycodone and fentanyl patch for the last 6 years. I am glad I am on opana it helps a bit better than those medications and no tylenol.

sarah8357 16 Nov 2011

I'm on Opana 5mgs Max 6 a day must last 30 days (per my script) also on Fentanyl 25mcg. I was kinda wondering what the Max was kinda like they tell you with Ibuprofen. You know,dont exceed more than "blank" mgs in 24hrs

thescirocco 8 Jan 2012

Tylenol has a limit, because it is toxic for your liver, just like alcohol. Also, if you drink alcohol, it would be wise to abstain from Tylenol, alcohol, or both.
They say that 2000mg/day is safe and that 3000mg/day is the limit.
I say, that if a drug has limits like that, you probably shouldn't take any Tylenol on a regular basis.

oxyaaron 30 Sep 2010

it usualy ranges from 20mg to 60 mg free discount card

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