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What is the long term affect of this drug? concerta?

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Inactive 6 Jan 2012

Hello smoky bear. There are long term effects, good and bad in the use of any drug. Concerta is no different. I'm not a doctor, so anything I might suggest, or say, is through the eyes of a layman. I could easily have cut and pasted a lot of data and information but will actually sum up in a few scentences about long term use of Concerta. The drug, Methylphenidate, is used in the treatment of ADHD and is meant to fight hyperactivity. The drug can even though used as prescribed, become habit forming. And difficult to stop when its time to do so. Cognitive abilities can be impaired through long term usuage. Organ damage is said to be minimal. Theres no risk of acquiring cancer. This type of drug, given the nature of how and why it works has the potental for abuse. Long term effects of Concerta are still unknown, By long term I might suggest anywhere from 25 years and up. Best of wishes and good health to you,pledge free discount card

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