All the studies I've seen use inmates, intravenous heroine users in supervised treatment, or other subject groups who have correlating high risk factors.
Assuming the addict (my husband):
1) takes rx pain pills (of all types from a broad selection of MDs),
2) holds a job (some how),
3) does not engage in other criminal behavior,
4) takes meds to control high Blood Pressure(I think this may be because he doesn't use before seeing his MD and his readings show abnormally high during exams. Or, do opiates meds increase BP after years of abuse? ),
5) he is in generally good health (aside from being drug addict),
6) He's 53 and,
7) he has been taking pain pills (and lots of them) for about 10 years. He stopped briefly while undergoing treatment for hep c. I think he was clean for about a year. He's been using pretty heavy for about 5 years. I used to check up on him--sneak around, look for receipts--now I don't bother. I would say about 7 x 10mg vicodine & 5 10mg oxy daily, (wouldn't the Tylenol alone kill him?)
8) From time to time I think he tosses on some Xanax, ambian, and booze,
So, what would be his statistical life expectancy?
I went to grad school in a science field. I understand that stats are not predictors for individual outcomes. I just want to calculate how many more years of this nonsense I can expect. Should I file for divorce or wait till he kicks (the bucket). Running the numbers and trying to plan for my 2 kids (actually our two kids) college expenses.
Any insight will be welcome.