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What is the levels of testostrone, Low, Med, high?

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Ruffuff 4 Nov 2011

I have been on T therapy for about 14 months. The measurement used reflects nanograms per deciliter(but that is not important ). To make it easy, the number is all you need. These #'s were given to me by my physician. I should also state these are blood test results measuring total testosterone. Anything below 200 is too low. Anything above 1,200 is too high. Average for a male being 600-800. And that's the short answer! Hope it helps.

kmaverikaz 1 Dec 2011

Actually the Mayo clinic defines hypogonadism (low T) levels at anything below 300 ng/dl clearly indicates the condition and the patient would benefit from T therapy. The Mayo Clinic has established a "normal" range of 300-1000 ng/dl. The lab MUST be drawn in the early morning when testosterone levels are at their peak. Good luck free discount card

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