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Suboxone - what is the highest dose available?

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Inactive 29 Oct 2011

8 mgs four times per day is the max dose in the US, 8 mgs 3 times a day in Canada.

lady from T.O. 30 Oct 2011

As patti answered the highest dose in Canada is 24mg.
That is what I am on.
I guess I should ask where you live?
If you are in Canada I can tell you a some of my experiences.

Inactive 3 Nov 2011

Lady from TO. Don't know why you got thumbs down, but I just negated it! People you take away their points when you do this,(if you are counting points,)& there was nothing negative about her answer. You are not a nice person! ...

lady from T.O. 4 Nov 2011

I know I get points when I answer, right? and it's five. So, some one put the thumbs down on my answer, that's what your'e saying and you 'fixed' it, am I right so far. (confused a bit) How many points would I lose for every negative (-)?

and, yes, I am-a lovely person! HA!
thanks ;-)

Inactive 4 Nov 2011

Oh, yes you are, & bright! Yes, if you get a thumbs down you lose a point for each one is how I believe it is set up. I have found 2 today on you, & threated to turn them in! (I gave you a thumbs up to negate the naysayer) Mary

cetteferge 4 Nov 2011

Yeah, I was wondering about the Thumbs Down creeper?! I noticed that Lady had two, as well, and for no apparent reason?! And, Chinns75... looks like you already got the answer(s)! That doesn't mean we always want to be on the highest dose, if we don't need it... it made me sick when I was given too much, at first induction, and went right to sleep for a long time. :) free discount card

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