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What is the highest dose of savella that anyone is on? Have you had any long or stort term effects?

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chronicfatigue 17 Aug 2010

I am taking 200 mg per day (100 mg twice daily). I have a lot to learn yet, but my doctor told me that any more than that would not be effective. I have severe chronic fatigue with fibermyalgia. I was unable to function, but had little pain. I took Cymbalta first, but was still very sick. After starting Savella and working up to 200 mg, I can now take care of myself, but having trouble with some pain since becoming active. I haven't had any side effects that were noticeable, but I was so sick before the Savella that anything else seems minor.

KimsSporty 4 May 2011

I agree. 6 weeks ago after 3 months of fatigue & pain/agony and 7 years of several different health issue symptoms, my primary doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and started me on SAVELLA but only up to the recommended 100mg per day. He checked his Drug book and thats what it said was the recommended dosage. BUT Slight RA showed up on my bloodwork and my mom has bad RA so I decided to find a Rheumatologist for a game plan in case I came down with bad RA in the future myself. He confirmed my Primary's diagnosis of FMS and said to take 200mg a day and so far its seems to be working as it on its way up to stabilize. I got past any side effects by the time I started the 2nd week of the starter pack when it was 25mg. free discount card

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