my borther david has been on haldol for 22 years an was changed to risperidone 1mg tab 2 times a day 6 years ago . AT that time his hmo was not a partipant doc so he changed to another who felt that haldol needed to be changed to risperidone. At the time my mom past on suddenly i needed to take the risperdone . now it started to affect my stomach which now has resulted in me in taking
nexium after scoping my stomach wall in minor surgery they felt i need to take a stomach acid med for something i think has been brought on by my risperidone. is there a special doctor i have tosee and talk to that really has the knowledge and answers that i have to ask to see if after all these years maybe i can ween my self of this medicine with a docs guidence in doing so. i just lost my insurance and job after 30 years and have no insurance to pay for a doc visit. I applyed for medicaid for help in ny state and was denied by a few dollar guideline cap which my me not quauilfy for any doc or script help. I need so guidance from any help out there to help us direct us in the right direction to get answers thanks your help would be apprecciated greatly lisa h