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What is the first choice treatment for crohns disease ?

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Rajive Goel 15 Jul 2011

Treatment of Crohn's disease involves first treating the acute symptoms of the disease, then maintaining remission. Treatment initially involves the use of medications to eliminate infections, generally antibiotics, and reduce inflammation, generally aminosalicylate anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids. Surgery may be required for complications such as obstructions or abscesses, or if the disease does not respond to drugs within a reasonable time.

Once remission is induced, the goal of treatment becomes maintenance of remission, avoiding the return of active disease, or "flares". Because of side-effects, the prolonged use of corticosteroids is avoided. Although some people are able to maintain remission with aminosalicylates alone, many require immunosuppressive drugs.

However, please do seek medical advice, take care, be safe & well.

Eve54 29 Jul 2011

dear rajive goel: u seem to know alot about crohns do u have it or know some one who does, what r the systoms of having crohns? im thinking i may have it now.thanx

Rajive Goel 29 Jul 2011

Dear Eve,

I shall try & give you info that maybe helpful to you, take care be safe & well... can I address your concerns - later?


Eve54 30 Jul 2011

of course you can email me i check my emails every 2 days. thanx

Rajive Goel 1 Aug 2011

Thanks, take care..

abu job 12 Aug 2011

thank you for the sharing ur answer..

Rajive Goel 12 Aug 2011


You could read all about the disease on:

Take care, be well & safe, please!

Eve54 14 Aug 2011

ive read so much about the disease that im sure ive got it, one problem i now have to find a dr who deals with this and not a P.A... thanx

Rajive Goel 14 Aug 2011

Wish you all the best, please do keep me updated, take care. free discount card

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