Dear All,

I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm 27, after multiple car crashes, I have seen a doctor regarding ADHD.

As a total, I have caused seven car crashes either by rear ending someone or changing lanes. I have taken some online tests and they all suggest that I may have ADHD.

I have spoken to a specialist; he has requested another appointment with me and my mother.

These behavioral traits include being very loud, continual forgetfulness and sometimes loosing my temper. Examples include driving to a holiday destination, but forgetting to put my suit case in the car, I have done this around 10 times.

Continually forgetting passport and other important documents, I have done this three times.

As I have mentioned I have had seven car crashes, I have never actually had a car that I have not crashed. I do not break the speed limit and as a rule I never over take into the opposite lane.

I struggle with organization. This has had an negative impact on my career.

However, I have gained two degrees and a post graduate qualification in Law. This would suggest that I do not have ADHD. I’m not trying to boast, but I'm wondering if this may mean that I’m barking up the wrong tree.

One of the medications that has been recommended to me is Concerta. I have read some of the reviews and it sounds like it maybe able to help me.

I also struggle with addictive tendencies. I'm not an alcoholic but I have to force myself to control my drinking. However, I understand that this can be a symptom of ADHD?

My question is three fold:

(i) Does Concerta make a difference to your life if you have ADHD?
(ii) Is Concerta extremely addictive?
(iii) Does Concerta make you loose your friendly softer side?

Any help or advice that you can provide me with would be much appreciated.