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What is the drug xanex perscribed for?

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catinson 16 Jan 2012

if the drug xanex so dangerous then why do you guys want to take the drug anyway when u dont have the symptoms to take it i agree with the person that said if you dont need it dont get on it ... thats crazy they should take it off the market!!!

Inactive 16 Jan 2012

Oh, please pardon me, I see you've answered your own question, please ignore my response.

Inactive 16 Jan 2012

Sweets you are a nut!

Inactive 17 Jan 2012

Mary, I know I am a nut, but doesn't it appear this person has answered their own Q?

Inactive 16 Jan 2012

Hi catinson,
Xanax is usually prescribed (for short term use) as an anti anxiety medication, it quells panic attacks.
Best wishes

babyr0423 16 Jan 2012

People are prescribed different medications for different reasons. A person that has cancer is prescribed chemotherapy. Well there are such things called anxiety attacks or panick attacks. One would start to have these maybe after a horrible trauma had happened in their life. Anything. The loss of a loved one. A car accident. A rape. A countless number of things could cause one to experience anxiety or panick attacks. That is what Xanax is prescribed for. Anxiety, Stress, Panick, ect... are the symptoms for which it is prescribed. Ruth free discount card

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