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What is the diffrence between endocet and oxycodone?

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CrystalC_InThe_813 11 Dec 2010

Endocet is a brand name of percocet. It is oxycodone, with acetominophin(Tylenol) as a buffer. The lower amount of oxycodone (5mg) and the addition of acetominophin (tylenol) are two of the things that make it different from, say, oxycodone hydrochloride 30 mg (aka roxies). Although both medications contain oxycodone, the oxycodone in roxies is slightly chemically different. In endocet oxycodone is used, not oxycodone hydrochloride, and in roxies, there is no other analgesics added as buffer (such as tylenol, aspirin or ibuprofen). You could say there is no difference in oxycodone and endocet, since endocet contains oxycodone, but there are some added chemicals in endocet, and with plain oxycodone, it is altered to the oxycodone hydrochloride. HOPE ITS NOT TOO CONFUSING! I have been put on so many different painkillers since 40% of my body was burned with 2nd and 3rd degree full and partial thickness burns on 2/23/2009, so I set out to educate myself on these meds. Hope this answer helps :-D~

Don Bush 8 Sep 2016

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