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What is the difference the pain relief medicine percocet and vicoden?

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christineATU 16 Jun 2010

It's basically oxycodone (percocet) vs. hydrocodone (vicodin) Most people find that oxycodone works much better than the hydro. Hope this info helped. Good luck to you.

bnagoh 20 Jun 2010

Yes I quite agree Christineatu I have recently changed after 4 some years with the hydro stuff. But never go over your prescribed amounts. Some how that warning can be hard to stomach if your spine or nerve pain is really doing a number on you. Now Its hard to even smell alcohol any more also. Something I find it hard to believe is I don't miss it at all.

christineATU 20 Jun 2010

Good for you bagnoh! You hang in there and stay strong. I know exactly what you mean about sticking to the prescribed amount. It's REALLY hard to do when I'm having a worse than normal day.

christineATU 20 Jun 2010

ooops! I meant bnagoh.

bronx77 21 Jun 2010

Well Oxycodone is apprx. 1.5 the strength of Vicodin, therefore 5mg Oxycodone = 7.5mg Hydrocodone as far as pain relief.

christineATU 21 Jun 2010

Regardless of the conversion, it really comes down to the individual and how they adjust to different meds. If I took a 7.5mg hydrocodone I would be fine. But if I took a 5mg oxycodone, I would puke.

dannypoo 24 Jun 2010

Percocet is stronger than vicoden, they both work the same and will do the same thing but percocet is typically said to be a little bit stronger.

christineATU 24 Jun 2010

I agree with you dannypoo. Yet some people can't stomach (literally) stronger pain meds. free discount card

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