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What is the difference in taking, tylenol#2 versus tramadol with my lrica?

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DzooBaby 6 May 2011

Not much really. It just depends on what works better for you-codeine or tramadol. Tylenol #2 of course has the acetaminophen component and the tramadol doesnt. They are both opioids. If you have any history of seizures you may want to stick with the Tylenol#2. As far as pain relief it is just whatever works best for you.

ace_rick 11 May 2011

hey Pouch cove 72,
my neurologist prescribes Tramal and Pregabalin for me because of my back problems.Tramadol works much differently than Tylenol.Tramal is man-made opioid and it relieves moderate to severe pain.In addition, It is Norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake inhibitor.That means it works somehow like SNRI antidepressants.Wikipedia says it is similar to venlafaxine(Effexor),and that's why it has the ability to lessen anxiety,depression,and phobias.Moreover,it helps some patients with premature ejaculation.However,a person MUST not take tramadol as an antidepressant,and MUST counsel his physician before using SSRI,SNRI,Tricyclic,Tetra,or atypical antidepressant,for interactions is likely high.Bear in mind Tramal is used mainly to alleviate and relieve pain,and can be habit-forming.Finally.Lyrica works fine with Tramal for me,but catiously,I don't take them at the same time;I take Tramal wait few hours,and then take Lyrica. free discount card

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