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What is the difference in oc 20s and op 20s?

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DzooBaby 18 Sep 2011

Nothing really as far as the active drug. They both contain oxycodone 20mg and they are both extended release formulas. They changed to the OP version to make them more difficult to abuse. When you swallow the pill whole, it is supposed to work the same way (the jury is still out on that one for most of us who have taken both) They changed the inert ingredients and the way the pill is made though. The OP is very difficult to crush. You cannot crush it into a powder. It may break into pieces but the pieces still retain some of the time release properties. Also, if you try to dissolve the pill to inject it, it turns into a gelled up, gloppy mess that is impossible to inject. The same if you try to snort those pieces-they gel up on contact with liquid or moisture. The old OC formulation crushed into a fine powder that allowed abusers to snort them bypassing the time release component and they were also able to dissolve in liquid to inject. Many were ODing this way so Perdue, the company that makes OxyContin, bowed to pressure to make the pill more tamper resistant. The OP product is the end result.

su6z3ro 18 Sep 2011

The OP formulation has been known to come out whole un-digested in the stools of those who use it. Meaning it has no effect because it is not being broken down in the stomach or gastrointestinal tract. free discount card

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