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What is the difference between sustain release doses form & control relaese doses form?

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blaze22 23 Mar 2011

Sustained-release tablets can be taken less frequently than a controlled release, than instant-relief forms of the same drug, and it keeps steadier levels of the drug in the bloodstream... There are many types of tablets, capsules and so on that carry different release times for various reasons, and too, it has something to do with what are you treating and how quickly or slowly the medication is to be introduced into the system... Blaze22

LaurieShay 23 Mar 2011

Hey haider_Pharma,

Sustained released means that the drug will be released under first order kinetics. Therefore if a drug starts out at 100 mg and releases at a rate of 10% per unit time.

100mg --> 90mg --> 81mg -->72.9 mg ..

Controlled release means that the drug will be released under zero order kinetics so 10mg per unit time

100mg -->90mg -->80 mg --> 70 mg ..etc

Of course the unit time depends on the drug.

Hope this helps,

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