i have been on oxycodone 15mg IR for about a year and a half. I am seeing a new dr who wrote me OxyCodone HYD IR 30mg and it says MAL after it as well. so it says exactly "OxyCodone HYD IR 30MG MAL"
a family member is on oxycodone 30mg IR and their pills look different. I was on 30s a couple times before as a short term up in medication due to increase in pain because of surgeries or doing something that made the nerve damage act up worse and they were not like these. Did not say the HYD, and did not look like these. The ones before had the 215 written on it. These just say 30 on one side and have a boxed M on the other. I looked up the pill itself and it just says oxycodone 30mg but im really thrown off by the HYD on it. I tried to look it up and cant seem to find any information about it. I am having alot more problems with stomach upset/throwing up, so i checked my bottle to make sure it was 30mg and that is when i noticed the HYD- i hadnt noticed before because i fill up a weekly pill pack and had only looked at the bottle that one time really before that.
sorry this is so long! i hope someone can help. Thankyou