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What is the difference between op and oc on oxycotin?

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suzanne66 1 Sep 2010

OP is the same thing as OC. You cant get the OC pills anymore unless a pharmacy has extra stock of them. Perdue Pharma isnt making the OC ones anymore because they were easy to abuse by snorting or chewing, etc. The new formula has been labeled OP for Oxycontin Perdue. They are extremely hard and chewy if you try to chew them and they are almost impossible to cut with a razor blade. They also clump up in your nose if you try to snort them. They still contain the same amount of oxycontin though, so you should get the same degree of pain relief.

terilyn54 2 Sep 2010

The Oxycontin with the OC on one side are not produced any longer. The new version ,OP stands for Oxycontin Purdue & when a pharmacy has to reorder any strength of Oxycontin, they will automatically receive the new OP version. They will not have a choice. They changed the chemical compound (none of the actual drug was removed) by adding something that would make it nearly impossible for people to abuse it. They were abusing the drug by crushing it to snort, dissolving to inject or chewing them to get a maximum high. That's the good news. The bad news is that whatever they added to it has changed how well it works & how long it lasts. Let me know what you experience when you get the new ones, please. free discount card

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