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What is the difference between niacin and niacinamide?

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inpain777 25 Aug 2009

i know one makes ya feel flush, but im not sure which one.

JenniferMC 29 Nov 2010

niacin makes you 'flush'

Heidi Torda 28 Jul 2010

I am very interested in knowing the difference too. I have had 2 trips to the emergency room for severe flushing after taking vitamins with niacin
in them. Does niacinamide differ in this side effect?

Anonymous 21 Aug 2012

Unlike regular niacin, Niacinamide supports joint health and helps maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range. It also doesn't cause the "niacin flush" associated with ordinary niacin supplements. But like niacin, this unique formula plays a vital role in carbohydrate metabolism, helping to supply the entire body with energy.

That was directly quoted from the vitamin research of Swanson Vitamins. Hopefully, that will answer everyone's questions.

Studfinder 30 Nov 2012

What are the relative prices of these two vitamins, and, do you need a prescription for either of them? My wife is on Niacinamide and I'm about to buy a bottle of 500mg Niacin slow flo. Should I be on her medication? We're both 56.

Anonymous 30 Nov 2012

Do you have problems with any of the above stated uses of Niacinamide? If not, then why get it?? If you go to Swanson vitamins on the web, you will find the best prices of all supplements. They have quality supplements also, and are all natural, many organic. They are consistent with the mgs. of what they claim. I take MANY supplements, and was actually able to get off of many prescriptions due to the supplements, but I have been studying them for years. Swanson Vitamins has an excellent health library about all their supplements. You can start there to find out what you might want to take. free discount card

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