my grandmother is on inderal and she gets freaked out if her medication has a different name. she wont take generic, propranalol, because she is convinced that it won't work. (the woman will only drink milk from a specific store) however, the inderal costs her a fortune and we have put her on medco. as expected they won't cover brand name inderal. she would rather pay an obscene amount of money than try something that has a different name. so, her doctor prescribed carvedilol (she doesn't know this is generic) and she is already starting to decide that it won't work. i am on many medications and i do take generics without a problem and in turn, i don't pay through the nose for things that i don't have to. my question is if there is a significant difference between the carvedilol and inderal? i know they work on slightly different receptors but is it common to interchange them? is the carvedilol going to effect her differently? i believe she is being treated for hypertension (she just says it is her heart medicine). i want to calm her down and at least give the carvedilol a fair chance before she decides it doesn't work (which i have no idea how she knows this besides the fact the name is different). she complains about money but is willing to pay $500 for a medicine because she knows the same. she is already talking about telling her doctor that it doesn't work. she has a lot of inderal left before she switches and i want to try to convince her to try the carvedilol and that it is an ok alternative. so, i guess my question is if the carvedilol is an adequate substitution for inderal.