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What is the difference between hydrocodone 7.500 and opana 40mg. ?

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18 Jul 2011

I copied & pasted the info for you, please.

Hydrocodone is an opioid (morphine-like) medication. It is an active ingredient in several hundred different prescription drugs. In these medications, hydrocodone is always combined with at least one other active ingredient (most often acetaminophen); hydrocodone is not available by itself. Although most often used for pain relief, hydrocodone is also used as a cough suppressant.

The medication is a narcotic and is a "controlled substance" in the United States.

Each Lortab 7.5 (hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen tablets) /500 tablet contains:

Hydrocodone Bitartrate... 7.5 mg
Acetaminophen... 500 mg

18 Jul 2011

Rajive did a great job explaining the differences in the meds. I just want to add that the Opana is quite a bit stronger than the hydrocodone and that a 40mg dose of Opana should not be taken by an opiate naive person. The normal starting dose for Opana is 5-10mg every 12 hours then may increase 5 to 10 mg every 12 hours every 3 to 7 days as needed and tolerated. A person who normally takes hydrocodone should not jump to a 40mg Opana. It is too large an increase. Also Opana 40mg is a long acting drug and should not be split or broken as it could release a fatal dose of medication.

Rajive Goel 19 Jul 2011

Thanks, DzooBaby

18 Jul 2011

excuse me (don't me to be rude Dzoobaby) I take the extended release Opana 40mg 1 tablet every 8 hours, I am not sure how it works but I believe that Opana comes in a short acting form which does not last an extended dose, if memory serves me right it comes in tablets of 5mg and 10mg. but please check with the doctor or pharmacist to be sure. hydrocodone (as Rajive explained is a short acting opiate drug. but as Dzoobaby said it's very IMPORTANT not to jump from a short acting drug like hydrocodone or any other into an extended release drug that's why I also thought SHORT ACTING OPANA might be something for you to check into. Please be sure you are safe!

DzooBaby 19 Jul 2011

Yes, but you were already opioid tolerant so you could take the higher doses starting Opana from another strong med. They can be given every 8 hrs in some circumstances. For a person who is not used to higher doses or opiate naive, they should start on 5-10mg (long acting) and work their way up. I think there are 5mg and 10mg doses of the short acting too. My point was that jumping from hydrocodone to a 40mg Opana is too big a jump.

caringsonbj 19 Jul 2011

you are right! I didn't mean for her to do that I was thinking about the short acting drugs but short acting Opana I know the milligrams but I am not sure how this works, Thanks and one of the most dangerous things that can happen is for a person who starts out to use a big dose at once is not acceptable it's dangerous, Thanks again,

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