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What is the difference between generic and brand names?

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EricM280 11 Feb 2011

From my knowledge, the only difference is exactly what it sounds like. The medication in the generic is usually exactly the same as the brand name. Brand names also are usually much more expensive. Did you have any certain medications you are wondering about?

caringsonbj 11 Feb 2011

they are suppose to be equal but I have noticed it depends on the person and the medication, for instance I have had problems with certain generics when it comes to pain medicine the one I am currently on is a brand name drug and I seem to be having much better results with it, I hope you do well with whatever you are looking at keep us posted

puckiemull 11 Feb 2011

Thanks caringsonbj
I got on well with psyc yesterday,met different woman,she very nice and understanding.Changed me to prozac and upped the xanax to 1mg twice daily,its better then nothing so im happy to see how it goes hopefully there will be some improvement soon,could'nt get any worse than i was anyway.I was asking about the generic and brand because i was given gerax and never heard of it before but got it sorted today with the pharmacey,she gave me the xanax.So said would keep you posted. Thanks for the advice.

Rajive Goel 11 Feb 2011

Brand names are specific names given to the generic medicines by the manufacturers. Brands could be patent protected, once they are protected by patent laws they cannot be manufactured as generics until the patent regime expires.

The is no difference between the two.

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arcanoidcyst16 11 Feb 2011

Good job Rajive!!Very well explained.

puckiemull 11 Feb 2011

Thanks for that,I was taking xanax 0.5 for the last couple of months then my pysc upped me to 1mg,but the pharmacey gave me gerax. I just never heard of gerax before.

Rajive Goel 11 Feb 2011

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