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What is the difference between adderall and vyvanse?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Adderall vs Vyvanse - What's the difference between them?

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Bsteinbrueck 14 Nov 2011

From what I understand, Vyvanse is just the new form of Adderall XR. But there are some fairly significant differences between the drugs and how they work. If you google search "vyvanse vs adderall", the link on "" sums it up pretty well. (And there are plenty of other results you can read too.)
But it looks like the biggest difference between them is that Vyvanse is supposed to be longer lasting than Adderall. But go to that site... it's very thorough! :)

Bsteinbrueck 14 Nov 2011

Just to clarify, "Adderall XR" no longer exists. Vyvanse replaced the XR version, NOT Adderall itself.
Does that make sense? Lol

Jefer27 14 Nov 2011

I have ADHD and the adderall 20mg im perscribed aren't XRs tho.. There orange and they look like little footballs.. my doctor wanted me to think about takin 50mg Vyvanse, would they stil have the same affect?

Danni926 14 Nov 2011

hi... please be careful in posting information... adderall XR DOES still exist, in the Shire brand name form! i take Adderall XR 20 mg, the name brand with the name 'adderall xr' printed on the capsule... lots of other people are still taking this as well... i'd hate to see someone think it's off the market when it is not...

also, Vyvanse is not the new adderall, not literally at least... however, from a corporate Marketing view i guess u could say Vyvanse is the new adderall XR, only in that Shire is the maker of Vyvanse, and with so many people taking different generic amphetamine salts since Shire's patent expired and soon after other companies (Barr/Teva, CorePharma, and eon/Sandoz), they were no longer cornering the market on ADHD meds, so Vyvanse, promoted as a "prodrug", became their new "ace in the hole" ADHD med...

Bsteinbrueck 14 Nov 2011

I am so sorry... I got bad information and also misunderstood some of it from different places. Thank you for correcting me.
Jefer- if you want to delete this question and repost it so people can give you more accurate answers, that'd probably be good. I'm very sorry. I shouldn't have responded till I confirmed my answer was correct. Please forgive me. I will avoid the ADHD questions now for sure.
Hope you find what you're looking for. Good luck to you.

Danni926 14 Nov 2011

no need to apologize, not in my opinion... u recommended great websites and the only thing you said that was inaccurate was that adderall XR is no longer made... thank you for providing the "" website, i never heard of that one, and it's a great one!

cdn160 27 Nov 2011

My doctor just started me on Vyvanse 2 weeks ago. I am 30 and have no history of ADD, but it made me tired all the time and sick to my stomach, no appitite at all. I stopped taking it and I feel fine now. Has anyone else have problems with Vyvanse?

Stephy75 8 Oct 2013

So your saying that 50mg of Vyvanse is the same as 20mg of Adderall (XR or IR) I was asking because, My sister in law takes 50mg Vyvanse, and a couple of weeks ago I missed my doctor appointment and I have been taking 15mg of Adderall twice daily for 3 years. It was my follow up, so of course I couldn't get my prescription filled. The next available appointment was another week later. My sister in law told me that she would loan me 4 of her Vyvanse, but I would have to give her 45mg (3 pills) of my Adderall IR for each 1 of her 50mg of Vyvanse. I think she believes that that the mg. is the same. I believe that it is not the same and I see the above guy said he was on 20mg of the extended release and the doctor wanted to replace it with 50mg Vyvanse. Does anyone have any advice for me to talk to her, besides the fact that I should have never took someones meds. even though they are for the same problem. free discount card

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