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What is the difference between a "habit forming" medication and an "addictive" medication?

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Thor283 18 Oct 2011

You may get many different answers to this.

Some folks may say there is no difference.

Or ... perhaps if you come to need a certain drug to make yourself do something, and then you find you can't do it without the drug, you can't do it at all. But when you stay without the drug you don't suffer with withdrawal symptoms. You just can't do the thing the drug made you do. Such as sleep. This would be a habit forming drug.

Now suppose you have another drug that makes you do something too. But when you stay without it, your body and mind goes into withdrawal symptoms. These can be pain, anger, feeling crazy, freezing, sweating, seeing or hearing things that aren't there, and all sorts of other nasty things. This is the addicting drug.

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