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What is the differance between hydroco/apap10 and oxycodo-apap 10?

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Inactive 22 Jun 2011

the hydrocodone/apap has hydrocodone as the opiate, oxycodone/apap has oxycodone as the opiate. The apap means it also both has acetaminophen in them, the amount of opiate in both ( the number 10) means 10 milligrams, most people think oxydodone relieves pain better. Basically one is a loratab 10 the other likely is a percocet 10 but the names you gave are generic forms. Just in case this is your next question, they will test differently on a drug screen although they both fall under the broad heading of opiates.

DzooBaby 22 Jun 2011

Great answer! I just want to add that hydrocodone is considered a Schedule 3 opioid and oxycodone is a Schedule 2. Schedule 2 drugs have a higher abuse potential that Schedule 3 drugs. Schedule 3 drugs can be called into a pharmacy or have refills. Schedule 2 drugs cannot be refilled and cannot be called in to the pharmacy. You must have a hard copy of the Rx to take to the pharmacy for each fill on Schedule 2's.. free discount card

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