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What is the danger of consuming alcohol on a daily basis while taking citalopram?

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mitjason 14 Jan 2010

Citalopram and alcohol have similar effects on the chemicals in the brain. This means that the symptoms of depression can be intensified. Alcohol should only be used in moderation while taking this medication. It is recommended that if you do drink in moderation that you wait to see how citalopram affects your body. Do not operate a car or heavy machinery until effects are known. Hope this helps. Good luck!

P.S. The manufacture recommends that you don't take this medication with alcohol.

Psychmajor 14 Jan 2010

the meds MULTIPLY eachothers effects... take 1 beer and 1 pill = 2 beers and 3 pills! crazy stuff and this combo if not done in moderation can kill you or leave you brain damaged

enquirer 14 Jan 2010

Thanks mitjason, I personally believe one should follow the manufacturers recommendation, so trying to get some feedback so that I can justify my concern to someone who thinks Im just being a nag. free discount card

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