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What is the correct tablets/medicine for psoriasis?

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Inactive 13 Jun 2011

Psoriasis Medications

Please click on the link to read about medications for this condition.

I suggest you contact a Dr. and discuss the list of medications further, in order to get the proper treatment.-

All the best,

Inactive 13 Jun 2011

Their are many different types of treaments for psorasis. My husband has it in the worse way, & the only think that has helped at all is using Enbrel shots once a week. It's like a miracle, but is very costly if you don't have insurance. About $1,200 a shot, & it takes time to work. Also it inhibits your immune system while you are on it, so you have to weigh the benefits against other health issues. I would suggest you start with a good dermatologist. Are you new to this condition? or have you been the route with creams & tar shampoos etc???

Nagarajan.S 15 Jun 2011

Thanks Mrs.marry. I am having with psoriasis for the past 30 years. I have seen several Dermatologists and taken treatments. However, the entire decease is not wiped out on English(alopathy) Medicines. Meanwhile, I have taken Siddha medicines for the last 20 years and completely cured. But for the last two years again I am suffering by this decease. So, that I have asked this query in the website. As suggested by you, I will try with enbrel soon.
Thanks once again.
Yours friendly,
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