When I screamed to my doctors and my insurance company substance abuse line for help to get off opiates, no one helped med. I went to the ER, doctors appointments and my isurance company psychiatry department and called the insurance company substance abuse line more times than I could count. The hotline clinition even suggested I go the ER and say I was going to commit suicide because I could not get anyone to help me. I finally took my recovery into my own hands. I found a doctor who would help me. At the consultation visit he said that the medication needed to help me was expensive and my insurance company would not cover it. But that I would file claim with my insurance and i would be denied. But that in filing an appeal I would be reimbursed. That it was the LAW. While I trust my doctor, I am still nervous about it. I have been on the medication for 1 1/2 years because I do have pain, which is where the addiction began. I have spent close to $11,000.00 on this medication. If youhave any knowledge regarding a situation such as mine, I would greatly appreciate it. Just so my mind can be put at ease while I am going through the appeal process.