I've been on 20 mg a day of Celexa for 6 months now for mild post-partum anxiety/insomnia. I feel like I've had things under control now for the last 4 months. I was not a fan of taking meds but I did what I had to do to get better. I haven't been closely monitored as I was prescribed the medicine by my nurse practitioner at my ob/gyn and haven't had any follow up appointments. But I am handling everything so much better. I'm back at work and I sleep great at night. I don't have any of the issues I had while I was on maternity leave. I feel like I want to get off of taking Celexa. I have no history of anxiety or depression disorders. What's the best way to come off Celexa? I've read not to quit cold turkey, but how do I wean off 20 mg?