I am 19years old, To be complicated, i have a hole in my ear, therefore i cant take drops of anysort, nore water..
I had to get rushed into hopsital 5 days ago as my ear was in agony, The doctor gave me antibiotics and codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen.. the next day i wasnt in too much pain, after the codeine ran out, which they only gave me one days worth.. I was and am in agony! My left side of my face is swollen and painful, i cant chew, swallow, talk much, kiss, hug, sleep, crying is too painful as i cant blow my nose, i feel like ants are in my ear eating away at me. I went back to doctors after 3 days, i was told i had an ear infection and i was given the wrong antibiotics, so i had to buy new antibiotics and more codine which came to £15! 3 days later, i feel worser then ever, feeling like there is no hope that im going to get better, Still crying and screaming inside, codeine has no affect since it ran out the first time.. im taking herbal tablets too, to try and sleep. I am leaking infection 24/7.. I feel like such a cry baby and a pain to everyone around me.. but i feel so alone! my local doctor refuses to see me. finally got an appointment tomorrow with another doctor, to hopefully get reffered to a throat and ear specialist. I cant take this pain any longer!!