3 year addict, long time weekend warrior. (meaning taking drugs)

Its New Years eve. I am going to stay home. I have been taking some sort of drug or another since I was 13. No need to list them all. I was like this for many years. I slowed down once getting a Union Laborer job. Back in 2005-2006 I was hurt at work and received Vicodin. By month two my Vic script woudl be gone in a week and my workmans comp payed for the Vic's off the street. This escalated into the opiate scene in 2006 shortly after the Vics.

I began snorting oxycontins, then moved on to Opana ER. I snorted them as well. After almost 3 years of my life revolving around Opana I tried to Detox on my own. I was not strong enough, the longest I went was 4 days without ANY SLEEP AT ALL. Suicide was all that was on my mind during withdrawals. I went back to my Opies (Opana) I found my way into Detox where I was introduced to Suboxone. I could not beleive how well it worked. I had no insurance, therefore did not qualify for inpatient. I was released without any Subs (Suboxone) and within two days I was back to sniffing any opiate I could find JUST TO FUNCTION NORMALLY IN MY DAILY LIFE. I was no longer getting "High".

YOU FOLKS MUST KNOW!!! There are Doctors out there that are approved by Renckitt-Benckisser (the manufacturer of SUboxone) that can get you on a program that gets you the Suboxone FOR FREE FREE FREE FREE.

I have done this and the Mfr (Manufacturer) Sends my meds to my Doc every month. I only pay for the visit. Since I started my Subs regimen I was clean for 29 days. On the 30th day, I rewarded myself with one AND ONLY ONE day of opiate abuse. I sniffed my last of four 15 Mg doses of OXY @ 9 P.M. Tuesday. Took a sliver of a 8 Mg Sub at 11 A.M. Wed. FELT GREAT!!

I am prescribed one 8 Mg Sub daily with which I take half of so each 30-day supply lasts me 60 days. Unless I feel particularly bad which I then take an extra 2 Mg dose of Sub. I have always had sleep issues related to anxiety (I have not been diagnosed with anxiety btw, I just get anxious ) so I tried taking Xanax (from the street) to help with sleep. It works wonders. No Withdrawals.

But I do not want to be on Suboxone forever. My Doc isn;t informative or helpful because I don;t have insurance , so I'm in and out of his office rather quickly.

What is the best way to get off of suboxone AND cope with sleeplessness/anxiety?

I am scared of Xanax as I know people have experienced strokes, some even death. That being said I take a 1/4 of a ladder (yellow tablet Xanax that is pressed into breakable 1/4's) before bedtime, and sometimes before stressful situations. Life has been so much more enjoyable since getting off the Opana and Oxies.

So, how can I get off the Suboxone and knowing that I don;t have insurance, what can I do to abstain from the sleeplessness and anxiety?

Thank you people so much for your time. This board saved my life. I have been trolling here for the last 8 months trying to kick Opiate abuse.