A lot of you are now familiar with me and my case. I guess that's good. I now have insurance, at least for Nov. so I want this done in Nov. I had an appt to see a cardiologist that does angiograms last Thursday, but I couldn't go due to a stomach virus. I probably would have never made the car trip to his office. So I'm back to square one. I need this damn test done. And I am not above doing some lying to get the test done promptly. Because here is what I am faced with right now. I am supposed to go drive tonight for 12 hours, from 6 PM to 6 AM. Impossible right? So to do it, I take Provigil, Wellbutrin, and one or two of those 5 Hour Energy Drinks plus 3 cups of coffee throughout the night. If I don't do this I won't have food. This is what I was doing the last time when I had the shortness of breath attack and the pains in the feet. The pains that David me realize are heart related. That makes perfect sense because when I lay down those pains go away. So they are not neuropathy as the pulmonologist thought. So if I don't survive tonight I may go to an ER. I now carry everything with me. But I'm worried already because I'm sitting here with cold sweats. So...

What is the easiest most direct way to get the medical profession to do an angiogram? I really don't want to go through weeks and weeks of sonograms and a Stress Test which I know will be positive and won't tell us what is wrong. This was done 5 years ago. The stress test was positive, and a hastily done angiogram was negative. So they told me the stress test must have been a false positive. But with all the symptoms I had from back then, which are now worse, I think the angiogram was a false negative. It was done by a very young, over worked, internist who was not supervised by an older doctor. I wish this problem would go away, but it doesn't.

Dave asked some questions last time. I am 59 and yes there is a history of heart disease in the family. My father and 2 of his brothers died from heart ailments. One older cousin, who is 68 already had 2 or 3 stents done and thinks he needs another. He thinks I need them too. I have had a prolapsed mitral valve since I was 37. I have HBP which isn't being controlled very well lately. I was on Cardura and Digoxin for 6 years and they stopped working. I was switched to Benicar which didn't work, but the cardiologist kept giving me samples. (now hear this) The samples ran out and my insurance wouldn't pay for Benicar but they would pay for Cozaar. Once I switched to Cozaar I was like a new man. I felt much better. But then it went generic and the generics don't work the same. Some better than others. I also have edema so I take Lasix. I also take Toprol. But due to the poor quality generic Cozaar we had to increase the doses of the Toprol and Lasix to keep my BP normal. For about 5 months the pharmacy was getting the same generic cozaar and my heart had adapted to it. Then 3 months ago they changed the brand. Then my BP went too low. So low I became exhausted just walking. I felt faint and my pulse was shallow. So I dropped the dose of Cozaar by 50%. And then I was better. But in the past 3 months my BP came up again, so I went back to the original dose of Cozaar, but my BP is on the high side. I checked this morning after getting out of bed and it was 155/84. That's not good for right after waking up.

I think that was what David wanted to know. Don't tell me to run to an Er because I'm not doing it and I will panic. I need to figure out the best way to get an angiogram done? I could make an apt again with the doc I had last week. But I need to get a ride to him, and I can't count on that. I could go to a local ER and lie and tell them I have chest pains. That will get me admitted, I learned that. But what is best? Btw, I have only had 1 episode of chest pains and it was after 12 hours of driving and carrying 20 lbs of groceries up 17 steps. I sat down and they went away.

As you can see this is a big problem, and I feel like the medical profession is fighting against me to not help me. I'm just not sure what to do.

Sorry this is so long. Btw, I'll be gone after 4 PM est.