I will try to explain without confusion. I have crohns disease. I was in the hospital an hour away from my house so was treated by a doc from that hospital. I went home with Fentanyl 50mg patches and percocet. I began seeing a doc that was closer to where I live and got 50mg patches from him plus percocet. I am a recovering addict and the disease came back with a roar. For the past 3 years I have traveled an hour to 1 doc for meds and the doc by my house for meds. So, I am on 100mg patches (50 from 1, 50 from the other) to last one month. So 100mg 72 hours for a month. Are we ok so far? Now, (it was bound to happen) that the pharmacy called the docs and told them there have been different prescribes for these meds. One doc cut me off cold turkey. One doc kept me as a patient but told me I was only getting 50mg every 72 to last a month. The only thing he checked was pharmacy records from the past 6months. He has no idea this has been going on for years and that I am addicted. He feels I am habituated but not addicted. So I went to see him and apologize but I was detoxing at the time and said yes to all of his rules so I could get the script. So, I have enough to last 15 days and my time is almost up. I have finals from school on the 8th and cannot detox until I take it. This doctor is the best and when we had our talk I should have spilled it all. I made an appointment to see him before I run out. He has no idea I was an addict in my past and has no idea how long I was actually on the 100. Wow, finally to my question. How do I approach him and what are my chances that he will increase and then detox me when finals are over? How do I ask him to give me the amount I need. Detox from this will not be peaches and orgasms and if he won't help what do I do? Also, before they caught on the other doc referred me to pain management. Do pain management doctors see patients if they have broken a contract with the pcp? Thank you so much. I am so scared and ashamed. I have finals then school again on Jan 9th so I need to get detox. Also, have you heard of hazelten and do they ever give out indigent beds? I am desperate. I need help before I go out and progress to a heroin to avoid withdrawls. Please help me. I tried cold turkey and not good. Also, can I be arrested? I have an appointment to apologize to the other doc who cut me off cold turkey and think he will have authorities waiting. I never thought this until I read other posts on here. Can they do that just because I did not follow through with a pain contract? Ok, now, I am really done.