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Constipation with percocet & keterolac, what's the best remedy?

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Inactive 25 Apr 2010

My aunt has constipation all the time if she drinks an activia shake or eats activia yogurt she usually has a BM within a few hours or less. For some people its different it takes a couple days but you should be running smoothly in no time. This has to be taken daily if you want regular BM consistantly don't miss a day. This is usually better than taking a medicine that will turn your BM's into diarrea instead of good BM's hope this helped.

mpvt 25 Apr 2010

Try to drink lots of fluids and get out for walks as often as you can. Inactivity is usually the culprit for opiate constipation. Also try and eat a high fiber diet. You have to get some exercise like walking or you will bind up. Any of the constipation drugs will eventually stop working and have a rebound effect so it is a lifestyle change that has to be done here... Good luck... Dave

christineATU 25 Apr 2010

I agree with both mrspage and mpvt on this. Natural foods, exercise, and plenty of fluids. I heard somewhere that OTC meds for constipation can be addicting. Meaning you need them all the time to have a regular BM. I'm also on meds notorious for constipation. I drink tons of water and eat high fiber foods and lots of green veggies. I can't exercise much yet, but I have no problems with BM.

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