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What is the best pain meds to take for fibromyalgia?

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mpvt 22 Feb 2010

Lyrica is your best bet as it has proven time and again to be the leader especially with fibro patients. Opiates aren't much good for this pain and doctors worry about opiate addiction. Diet is very important and so is exercise with fibromyalagia. Read up on this problem, there is a ton of info on this subject..Good luck and give the Lyrica a good couple weeks to work also you may need a dose increase after a couple weeks as they can't start you out on to high a dose due to sedation... Dave

subzero58 22 Feb 2010

Lyrica, a good friend of mine suffers from fibro she tryed all kinds of meds at first. her doc told her to give it a chance cause at first it wasn't working for her. it has to build up in your system. stay away from opiates they just don't work for that.

missy2 22 Feb 2010

lyrica is what i take and swear by it even with the weight gain it gets me out of bed i also take some pain meds but i also have i disc problems in my low back. missy

itsmetoo2 23 Feb 2010

Some people respond differently to different medications. You might try Subutex if the other does not work for you. NOT SUBOXONE !! Subutex.

reedeli 12 Apr 2010

I have had Fibro for 2 1/2 yrs now. I have tried several things. I have a conventional doctor and a Homeopathic doctor. I have tried Thyroid meds, organic, and finally gave in to Lyrica. Everything I read about the Lyrica was they gained on avg of 40 lbs. Not a good thought on my small body frame. Long story short... i gained 15 lbs in two mths. I didnt feel it was helping any - went off the Lyrica, too many side effects. People either love it or hate it. In January I started seeing an exercise trainer twice a week. She started me off just going through the motions. Didnt want me to over do it and get discouraged. You have to get out and exercise!!! She then introduced me to Isotonix OPC-3. Basically its liquid vitamins. It comes in a powder form you mix in just oz's of water. It fights off the free radicals that attack your body. I started taking it in January of this year. free discount card

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