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What is the best pain medication for a herniated disc in back if I am allergic to codeine?

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christineATU 28 Jan 2011

Sorry to hear about the allergy. With an allergy to codeine, most morphine derived meds would be out. Have you tried a low mcg patch? Your best bet is to discuss this with the pharmacist and then bring a list of possible meds to your doctor. You might be safe with hydrocodone. Have you thought about consulting with an Allergist? They may be able to help you determine what meds are safe for you to take. It's also important to exercise and strengthen the core muscles as this will take the added pressure off the spine. There's also facet injections and blocks you could try. A pain specialist would be a good place to start too. Good luck and hope you find relief soon. Be safe and don't try any meds until you know for sure if its safe.

best wishes,

caringsonbj 28 Jan 2011

sometimes people who cannot tolerate penicillin can tolerate Keflex my point being is that since you can't take codeine there might just be enough variation for you to be able to tolerate medication like hydrocodone but first of all talking with your doctor he might even be able to make a better suggestion than that, if you can't tolerate codeine then morphine is pretty much out of the picture it would give you a problem (most likely), I have had a time with fractures in my back and I am very sensitive to pain medications, I cannot tolerate morphine (MS Contin), fentanyl patches, oxycontin, Dilaudid worked for about a year and then I had problems with it,, what it boils down to what will work for one person will do opposite for another I wish you the very best

LaurieShay 28 Jan 2011

There are many pain medications that you would be able to take. They are mostly prescription. Your doctor is the best advisor. Have you tried over the counter medicines like ibuprofen? Another alternative for immediate, short term relief is alternating ice with heat. Don't use the ice for more than 20 minutes at a time and alternate with heating pad for the best relief.

Good luck,


ump44ps 4 Jul 2012

I am allergic to morphine and codeine. they both make me really sick, itchy and vomiting. I am on Flexeril 10 mg and Demerol (generic) 50mg this works for me. I am waiting on back surgery for L5-S1 fusion

I am looking for something other then the demerol that I am taking any suggestions? nothing with codeine or morphine in it free discount card

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